Information Literacy in the Co-Curriculum

2011-2012 Co-Curricular Focus: Community Service

Each year of the QEP targets a different aspect of campus life and offers opportunities to enhance co-curricular experiences through information literacy. Previous years focused on the following areas:

Front-loading the research process

Last week, my co-instructor and I distributed a “first look” topic proposal worksheet to our Education 1210 (Seminar on Urban Education – Policy and Practice) students. Using the form, students identified broad areas of interest for their final research projects and a rationale for their selections. Students were asked to bring the proposals to our hands-on library research session led by Benjamin Harris.

Research Practices Survey Presentation

Check out the results of the 2008-2009 Research Practices Survey Analysis, presented at the May 18-20 Information Literacy Workshops at Trinity University by Jessica Larsen, M. Ed.

Not Enough Time in the Library

From the Chronicle of Higher Education, a librarian at Yale University outlines ways to guide students in research education.

Academic Research A Painful Process For Students

Academic Research A Painful Process For Students
Steven Bell. ACRLog 2/18/09

Steven Bell reflects on the Project Information Literacy Report, recently issued by University of Washington and findings, which include:

* “The majority of the students we interviewed did not start on an assignment - thinking about it, researching or writing - until two or three days before it was due.”